Before you send any tail hair to us please wash using a mild shampoo only, do not use any conditioners or show sheen. Brush through and make sure there are no knots or tangles. Please make sure the hair is dry before posting.


CUT : 


You will need: a sharp pair of scissors, a rubber band and a plastic bag/envelope.


1. It is best to take the hair from the centre of the tail, separate a bundle about the thickness of your ring finger for a bracelet or a pencil thickness for a keyring and tie it tightly with a plaiting band/rubber band. 
There are videos on youtube which show you how to cut the tail hair if you are not sure.


2. With a pair of sharp scissors carefully cut the hair about 1 cm above the rubber band, close to the tail bone. But be careful not to cut the horse! (It's always better for us to have more length as we have to separate out all the short hairs).


Bracelet at least 50cm length
Plaited Loop Keyring 30cm
Tassle Keyring 20cm

All about a ring finger thickness


3. Loosely coil the hair and place it in the plastic bag or envelope. Please do not tie the hair in a knot.


Please make sure you put sufficient postage on the envelope. You will need to purchase a LARGE Letter stamp this covers a package up to 2.5cm thickness and a certain weight. If your envelope is understamped, this will delay your order and we will have to pay the excess postage and charge it back to you before dispatching your jewellery.

Write your order number, name and phone number on a piece of a paper and pop inside the envelope and post to:

Equino Cristallo, Albion Equine, Poulders Road, Sandwich, Kent CT13 0LX


Please also write your return address on the envelope when posting your hair, so that if it does get lost in the post it can be returned to you by the Post Office.


If you are using hair from a horse no longer with you, please send ideally about the width of your ring finger and for a bracelet at least 50cm length or for a keyring or phone charm at least 20cm and a pencil thickness.


We return any unused hair with your completed order.